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The Junior Woman’s Club

JWC is a non-profit, service based volunteer organization dedicated to improving the El Paso community. Founded in 1934, club members devote their time and energy to local charitable organizations and social service agencies through community service projects and fundraising events. The Junior Woman’s Club has an established presence in El Paso and is recognized for our compassion and generosity.

          To provide women an opportunity to make a difference in our community, our environment, and in the lives of others, all while making new friends.

          This year’s theme is “Rising Embracing Enriching”. It was selected in recognition of those who rise to service. JWC has embraced El Paso through service for over 80 years.  The JWC has continued to be a productive organization which benefits our community through our continual involvement. There have been many
changes in projects, membership size, age and affiliations; however, our goal remains constant: To give of ourselves to enrich our community wherever and whenever needed.

In light of this goal, we take the proceeds of the annual fundraising events re-invest them back into the community through allocations to local service agencies and charities. Every year there are more requests and the JWC does its best to fund as many worthy causes and activities to reach as many El Pasoans as possible. In the past 15 years, nearly $300,000 has been given back to the community!
 JWC members also give back tirelessly of their time through volunteer service hours. Since 2009, club members participated in nearly 60 service projects and clocked over 52,200 service hours.  

In 2013, JWC launched support of youth service projects through Be the Change! The project helps youth in the community by mentoring, guiding and providing nominal startup funds. Projects supported by JWC yield increased volunteerism in our youth and assistance back to those in need.  
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    JWC Members
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Our Board of Directors 

  1. JWC Vice President
    Pema Garcia
  2. JWC President
    Teresa Chavira
  3. JWC Treasurer
    Mireya Ortiz
  4. Director at Large
    Bernadette Yanez
  5. Secretary / Advisor
    Erika Lazo
  6. Communications Secretary
    J'Me Phelps
  7. JWC Web Master
    Mark Chavira